two easy tips for happiness + gratitude

So much has changed in the last month, I think we all can agree. Over the past month each one of us has found ourselves in lockdown mode faced with the challenges of learning to grapple and adjust to this "new" and hopefully, temporary normal. Today, I am offering two very simple tips to helping you find more happiness and gratitude in what might feel like a pretty strange time.


1. Journal. Journaling is nothing new but I'm pretty convinced now more than ever journaling is important. Whether you journal to process and chronicle your life or whether you simple write down three things you're grateful for each night, you'll feel the difference it can make. I personally love the idea of simply writing down three things you're grateful for and do this daily each morning. This simple act of writing can help bring awareness to all the good you have in your life because there is always something good even though there may be days we need to look a little bit harder.

2. Make your bed. I can't completely explain this one but I promise you if you get up each morning and make your bed right away you WILL feel better. Making your bed is a simple and easy way to bring immediate accomplishment in a very visual form. You can see that your space is organized and tidy and it sets the tone for the day!